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The Chartreuse Dinner Club offers cannabis-infused fine dining in downtown St. Louis

With The Chartreuse Dinner Club, Aliya Waldman welcomes guests around her dinner table in downtown St. Louis to share her passion for what she calls “cannabis-infused fine dining.” Waldman takes pride in creating four-course menus that upend preconceived notions of what cannabis can add to food. “There are some strains that taste like lemon, there are some strains that taste like black pepper,” she said. “It’s so important to realize that you can use these as seasonings.”

photo courtesy of virginia harold for the chartreuse dinner club

Waldman works with Swade Dispensary to source what she calls “culinary complementary strains” of cannabis for Chartreuse Dinner Club. “I want the strain that I choose to taste good with the food, so that all goes into the thought process,” she said.

The cannabis is typically added to dishes as they are plated – blended into oil, butter or duck fat, for example. Crucially, this means Waldman can adjust the volume of cannabis served to suit each guest’s tolerance – upon arrival, diners are asked to select the dosage that is most appropriate to them, ranging from 15 to 150 milligrams.

photo courtesy of virginia harold for the chartreuse dinner club

Waldman cultivates a safe, welcoming environment that attracts a diverse spectrum of diners, including experienced cannabis consumers and first-time users alike. Although tickets are sold in pairs, Waldman said the remaining guests at each dinner are often complete strangers. However, the format – and the food – facilitates the birth of new friendships. “We talk about local music, we talk about where the produce comes from – it’s very St. Louis community driven,” Waldman said.

photo courtesy of virginia harold for the chartreuse dinner club

Each dinner serves six guests, and there are typically between six and 12 dinners per month. Reservations for the following month’s dinners open at noon on the 20th of every month, when Waldman reveals the menu with an announcement on Chartreuse Dinner Club’s Instagram page.

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