fufu n’ sauce​ owner adjo honsou photo by jennifer korman

This food truck is bringing West African-style fufu to St. Louis

Fufu comes in many different forms across the African continent; food truck Fufu n’ Sauce owner Adjo Honsou makes it in the West African style, with plantain or yam flour boiled, pounded and shaped into starchy balls. “Fufu is just so embedded in our culture,” said Honsou, who was born and raised in Togo. The dish is designed to be shared, with everyone grabbing some fufu from one plate and dipping it into a bowl of stew.

photo by jennifer korman

Fufu n’ Sauce offers dishes like egusi (a tomato-based West African stew made with pumpkin seeds), oxtail stew, jollof rice and fried plantains, as well as drinks like hibiscus tea. Customers can order a stew (the “sauce” of the meal) with white rice or fufu, but Honsou said you really need to opt for the latter: “Most people always get the fufu because that’s the experience,” she said.

photo by jennifer korman

Find Fufu n’ Sauce at the Be Well Farmers’ Market Bazaar in North City every Wednesday as well as events around town like Taste of St. Louis and Festival of Nations.

Instagram and Facebook: @fufunsauce