Chris Kinast of Perennial on Lockwood is Ford Hotel Supply's Brewmaster of the Month

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Position: Head Brewer

Married? Kids? Yes, one son, Joseph, who is going to be two years old in May.

Where are you originally from? St. Louis

How did you get interested in brewing? From home brewing with a couple of buddies, as well as the big craft boom in St. Louis in 2011. I started working at Civil Life in 2014 and then moved over to Perennial in 2015.

What’s your favorite style of beer to brew? I have a lot of fun brewing Saison. I'm always interested in different methods and practices on the brewday, as well as trying different hops, herbs, flowers, or fruits with them as well.

What’s your signature beer? I wouldn’t say I have a so-called “signature beer.” I pride myself in being proficient in brewing all styles. The beer I have brewed the most batches of at Perennial on Lockwood is a hazy pale ale called Tidewater Plains. It features El Dorado and Sultana hops and is 5.2% ABV.

Name three tools you can't live without: A pocket knife, a spray bottle filled with alcohol, and a flashlight.

A fun fact about you: I enjoy a lot of flat foods. Pizza, quesadillas, flat chicken wings, and the chicken pide from Balkan Treat Box.

Perennial on Lockwood, 216 W. Lockwood Ave., Unit B, Webster Groves,