Tyler Layton of Twisted Tree Steakhouse and Twisted Tavern STL is Ford Hotel Supply's Chef of the Month

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Chef of the Month is sponsored by Ford Hotel Supply.

Name: Tyler Layton

Restaurant: Twisted Tree Steakhouse and Twisted Tavern STL

Position: Chef

Married? Kids? Married. We have two kids – just had our second baby.

Where are you originally from? STL

What was your first restaurant job? Technically IHOP then Citizen Kane's Steak House.

filet mignon oscar style from twisted tree steakhouse // photo courtesy of twisted tree steakhouse

What's your favorite meal to cook? Brunch – check out our Breakfast Board at both Twisted Tree and Twisted Tavern.

What's your signature dish? Filet risotto.

Name three kitchen tools you can't live without: Knife, skillet, tongs

A fun fact about you: I'm a hockey-loving, bourbon-drinking chef.

Twisted Tree Steakhouse, 10701 Watson Road, St. Louis, twistedtreesteakhouse.com

Twisted Tavern STL, 3606 W. Outer Road, Arnold, twistedtavernstl.com