revel kitchen photo courtesy revel kitchen

Revel Kitchen opening a third location in Kirkwood

Revel Kitchen, the nutrition-focused restaurant is set to open a new location in Kirkwood in the middle of October. Revel Kitchen's third location formerly housed SymBowl, which closed last December.

Owners Simon and Angelica Lusky first opened Revel because they were looking for healthy options to eat themselves. The build-a-bowl concept came from Simon’s days as the head chef for the St. Louis Cardinals. “I saw how well that worked in the clubhouse setting and translated really easily to the restaurant,” Lusky said.

The menu, like the Brentwood location, will feature bowls, salads and wraps as well as fresh juices and all fruit smoothies. The bowls are completely customizable, they can be filled with bases such as cauliflower rice or quinoa, veggies like harissa sweet potatoes and sauteed collard greens, all different types of proteins, and unique sauces such as mesquite tahini and peanut miso. They have six options to choose from for each category.

For the drink selection, all juices and smoothies are made in house. “Our smoothies are made to order using whole fruit, locally made yogurt, plant-based milk, that’s it,” Lusky said. They have a cold-pressed juicer that helps retain vitamins and minerals of the produce.

At their Brentwood location, they have a ghost kitchen, Motor Town Pizza, which serves Detroit-style pizza out of Revel Kitchen. They are planning to launch another ghost kitchen concept for the Kirkwood location once the restaurant is up and running.

The 1,000 square foot restaurant can seat 12 people inside and 12 outside. The space will look similar to their other locations with bright colors, wood tones, and a modern feel overall. The Luskys picked Kirkwood as their newest location for good reason, “We really liked the SymBowl restaurant that was here. We always have been keeping our eye on Kirkwood. We love the market and area, and think it's a perfect fit for our food.” Lusky said.

Simon and Angelica have big goals for the future too. They have another location in the works and would love to eventually expand into other markets. But for now, they look forward to opening their newest spot in Kirkwood.