clockwise from top left, model p, love bug and el dorado pizzas photo by michelle volansky

Revel Kitchen debuts to-go concept Motor Town Pizza

Local healthy eats mainstay Revel Kitchen has launched a new ghost kitchen concept: Motor Town Pizza, now available for takeout and delivery within 10 miles of 8388 Musick Memorial Drive in Brentwood.

“I want to pay homage to Motortown – it makes you think of Detroit-style pizza,” said Revel Kitchen owner Simon Lusky. “We had to be able to create a pizza with the means we have here at Revel Kitchen, and Detroit-style pizza was the one that worked.”

There are six Detroit-style (rectangular, deep dish and chewy crust) pizzas on the menu each offered in two sizes, along with an option to create your own, as well as a couple salads, a cheese bread and nutella gooey butter cake for dessert. There are also options for vegetarians, vegans and gluten- and dairy-free customers, including gluten-free crust and vegan cheese.

“If you’re a chef nowadays, your menu should be able to cater to anybody who could ever come and eat at your restaurant,” Lusky said. “We have some really cool overlaps of some ingredients that we use [for Revel Kitchen]. We have these garlic-herb mushrooms. We’re not just putting canned mushrooms on the pizza. We’re using the same ones on the [Revel] menu that we meticulously prep. We get them in, we make confit-garlic oil, we fresh chop all the herbs, we roast the mushrooms, we marinate them, and it lends itself really nicely to the pizza.”

Collaborations with other local restaurants are also in the works. “Once we get our bearings, we’re gonna roll out some specials and collaborations with other people,” he said. “The guys at Chicken Out – I’m obsessed with their chicken-seasoned fries. Also, something with Mai Lee, our next door neighbors.”

Prior to the pandemic, most Revel orders were for carryout and delivery, but the restaurant has honed its online ordering experience even further since closing the dining room in late March.

“We’ve applied that really good technology that we had existing and plugged it into this model, and it functions really well,” Lusky said. “For doing this from the ground up, we are really proud [we were] able to launch with a really clean-looking online ordering site with delivery that can be tracked. So we’re getting all the technology cues, we’re smoothing out all the timing and getting better and more efficient.”