4 things we’re obsessed with right now

As the quarantine weeks turn to months, here are a few culinary delights keeping editor Lauren Healey's batteries charged through long days in her home office.

4 Hands + Lucia’s Pizza
For busy days when I can’t be bothered to get out a skillet, frozen pizzas come in clutch. With perfectly doughy yet light and crisp crusts and an array of toppings bursting with flavor, those from 4 Hands Brewing Co. and Lucia’s Pizza far exceed the typical 'za found in the frozen section. The pair teamed up with other St. Louis businesses for some 314-centric toppings, including Sugarfire Smoke House for a barbecue chicken pizza and Lion's Choice for pie with a french fry crust topped with roast beef and more. Prices vary. Dierbergs

Wild Harvest Powdered Peanut Butter
Peanut butter is life but is also super calorie-dense. Enter peanut butter powder. Clocking in at 45 calories per 2-tablespoon serving, compared with about 200 for regular peanut butter, the powder is mixed with water to create a creamy consistency. It’s obviously not as rich as its fatty predecessor, but a drizzle of honey or maple syrup makes it a treat. And, let’s be real, you were gonna sweeten it up anyway. $4. Dierbergs

Halo + Cleaver ketchup
Halo + Cleaver ketchup, which got its start in St. Louis, is darker, richer and has notably less sugar than other popular brands. Ketchup makes an appearance in many of my homemade sauces, including my husband’s favorite generations-old sweet-and-sour sauce. He often notices when I tweak a family recipe even slightly, but hasn't complained about me making the swap to Halo + Cleaver. $7. Schnucks Loughborough

Fresh mint
The mint garden I inherited at my new home spices up my culinary skills every spring and summer. It made a recent appearance in a riff on a Moscow Mule, and has been making a lovely, zesty addition to my almost-daily smoothies. My favorite so far is pineapple, mango, carrot and mint blended with apple juice and water. Click here for the smoothie recipe. I also plan to try my hand at a mint pesto once my basil pops up a little more and I’ll be making so many watermelon-feta-mint salads when watermelons are fully in season. If you don't want your mint to take over, be sure to put it in a planter. Available at most local nurseries or in the produce section at grocery stores.