February 24, midnight

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Join us for an intimate Wine Tasting dinner with a very special guest, Dr. Norbert Reinisch, co-owner of the Braida di Bologna Giacomo Winery in Piedmont, Italy.

Enjoy a carefully curated 4-course menu which pairs perfectly with the award-winning Braida wines, while soaking up Dr. Reinisch’s vast knowledge of the wine industry and history behind these incredible Italian wines.

About Braida Winery

On September 1, 1961, when the “Braida di Giacomo Bologna” winery was founded, owner Giacomo Bologna (whose nickname was “Braida”), dared to put the wines of the grape variety Barbera into French barriques to age… which at that time in Italy almost amounted to a revolution. His intuition and pioneering of this technique allowed him to created these unique wines, which today, belong to the flagships of Piedmont and the entire Italian wine scene.

Dr, Norbert Reinisch (previously a doctor of internal medicine), joined the wine business when he married the daughter of Giacomo Bologna, and now he is the export sales manager for the Piedmont winery.