Breathe: A Solo Exhibition by Artist Lauren Younge

January 20, midnight

Millstone Gallery at COCA 314-725-6555

Breathe is a collection of large-scale abstract paintings created through the unconscious combination of bold colors and free movement. Artist Lauren Younge uses acrylics to design irregular patterns that could motivate unexpected associations and memories in her audience. To do that, the exhibition encourages viewers to take a moment of breathing to reflect on the works of art and their own lives; to find a moment or memory that makes them feel joy; to decide what they see and what seems to them, in the pieces, beautiful and comforting. In a present of overworking, high stress and anxiety levels, Younge believes art witnessing can encourage a pause. Because of this, Breathe includes an interactive experience of journaling, where visitors share an intimate moment of gratitude and rest.

JAN 20–MAR 15