Fresh Thyme Market Hosts 33% Off Vitamin & Body Care Sale

January 04, midnight

Fresh Thyme Market (314) 597-4400

Winter is here and nurturing the body and skin is more important than ever. With winter being such a dry time, moisturizers and supplements will keep your skin healthy and glowing! Fresh Thyme Market has everything needed to give your skin a healthy glow during these dry months. And now is the perfect time to stock up, as Fresh Thyme is hosting its 33% off Vitamin and Body Care Sale!

From January 4-January 10, all Fresh Thyme locations will have 33% off all vitamins and body care products. With items such as, Nature’s Way Sambucus Lozenges, Honey Gardens Immune Drink, Olbas Inhaler, Boiron Cold Calm Tablets, and Genexa Kid’s Pain and Fever, Fresh Thyme carries more than 3,000 natural and organic hair and body care products, as well as over 5,000 vitamins and supplements to support consumers' individual health and wellness needs. For more information, visit