mahalo mai tai at le ono in o'fallon, illinois photo by julia calleo

Drink this Mahalo Mai Tai at Le Ono in O'Fallon, Illinois

The Mahalo Mai Tai at Le Ono is the grown-up version of the syrupy-sweet mai tais you might have sipped at touristy beach bars. It’s sweet, but not cloyingly so, and packs a boozy punch with less juice than a typical mai tai.

This iteration uses Aperol to give a hint of citrusy bitterness. In less skilled hands, the coconut rum could overpower the drink. Here, it’s tempered by housemade orgeat, pineapple juice and a thick topping of mango-infused foam.

Le Ono is only a 30-minute drive from St. Louis, but this cocktail – and the restaurant’s subtly tropical vibe – could convince you that you’ve traveled much farther.

101 S. Cherry St., O’Fallon, Illinois,