salads from neon greens in the grove photo by lauren healey

Neon Greens is serving super fresh salads in the Grove

One of the most anticipated restaurants of the year has finally opened in the Grove offering salads as delicious as we’d hoped, with super-fresh lettuce grown on-site in a hydroponic farm and an impressive variety of interesting cooked and pickled veggies, grains and more. Start with the delicious chewy cheese bread, inspired by Brazilian pão de queijo.

On a recent visit, we enjoyed the chilled curry salad with various greens and vegetables, wild rice, pickled green tomatoes, peanuts, roasted chicken breast, Madras curry ranch, fresh herbs and a lemon wedge. The Chouteau includes oak leaf and sweet crisp lettuces, along with black beans, farro, sweet corn, fire-roasted red pepper, leeks, smoky almonds and roasted red pepper vinaigrette.

We’d also recommend the Umami Crunch and the seeded wedge, but we really can’t wait to eat our way through the entire menu. 

4176 Manchester Ave., St. Louis,