venezuelan lunch platter at amaizing arepa bar in downtown st. louis photo by lauren healey

Amaizing Arepa Bar offers delicious Venezuelan food in downtown St. Louis

Venezuelan cuisine is still in short supply in St. Louis, so we were thrilled when Tower Grove Farmers’ Market vendor Amaizing Cakes Latin Food opened Amaizing Arepa Bar in downtown St. Louis in February.

We enjoyed the namesake arepas, of course, and the empanadas, but the cheese-laden cachapas are the star of the show. Massive sweet corn pancakes envelop chewy, toothsome mozzarella, and they’re topped with salty feta (a stand-in for Venezuela’s queso llanero) and a generous drizzle of nata (Venezuelan-style milk cream) plus your choice of meat. We favor pork with the cachapas, but the chicken, beef and pork belly are all worthy options; vegetarians can opt for plantains instead of meat. Pay an extra $1.50 to upgrade your filling from mozzarella to the queso de mano, a soft white cheese typical of Venezuelan cuisine.

For variety, order the sample platter, which comes with two mini stuffed arepas, two cheese-filled tequenos and sweet plantains. The menu items are fully customizable, allowing you to choose your own adventure – just be sure to order extra sides of the verdant cilantro-garlic sauce.

500 N. 14th St., St. Louis, 314.925.8423, Facebook: amaizingarepabar