stews food & liquor co-owner nate burrows photo by zachary linhares

Stews Food & Liquor in Soulard serves eclectic Asian fusion cuisine and well-made cocktails

The laid-back, friendly vibe at Stews Food & Liquor is immediately contagious, thanks to co-owner and bartender Nate Burrows’ bright personality and knack for hospitality. The small space is cozy with alternating forest green walls and classic Soulard brick, glowy candles and intimate seating.

From cheap lagers to craft brews, well-made classics to fresh new cocktails, the concise drink menu has something for everyone. The Fat Man in a Yellow Suit (named after one of the quirky paintings adorning the space) is Stews’ take on a tiki drink. The cocktail combines rum, rhum agricole, orange juice, pineapple and a touch of allspice, all poured over a tall mound of shaved ice in an elegant stemmed glass.

Come with an appetite, because the eclectic Asian fusion food menu is not to be missed. An order of edamame “hummus” for the table is mandatory: The irresistibly creamy soy bean-based dip comes with unmistakable flavors of miso and sesame, a sprinkle of togarashi, a drizzle of chile-garlic oil and a generous pile of wonton chips. There’s also a respectable roster of hearty mains; noodle dishes, savory grilled skewers, a decadent pork burger with sweet chile and Kewpie mayo, and popcorn chicken with an assortment of sauces to choose from. Pro tip: Order the “Stews Way” upgrade on the popcorn chicken, which gets you Buffalo-gochujang chicken luxuriating in a pool of mozzarella fondue and topped with crispy puffed rice.

1862 S. 10th St., St. Louis,