yue zhai and victor lai making dumplings at tiger soup dumplings photo by david kovaluk

Tiger Soup Dumplings is opening a location in Des Peres in spring 2024

Tiger Soup Dumplings opened its Fenton location at 98D Gravois Bluffs Circle Drive in June 2022, offering Shanghai-style soup dumplings that were so good Sauce named it a Best New Restaurant that year. Now, the restaurant is slated to open a second location at 13311 Manchester Road in Des Peres this spring, likely in April.

Owner Yue Zhai said the entirety of the succinct Fenton menu – steamed or pan-fried soup dumplings, plus a few sides and drinks – will be ported over to the Des Peres location, and guests can look forward to new menu items as well. They’ll be adding Cantonese rice rolls, or cheung fun, which can come with a variety of fillings. These are typically steamed, but Tiger Soup Dumplings will offer them either steamed or pan-fried.

At 1,900 square feet with 40 to 50 seats, the new restaurant is bigger than current location, and Zhai hopes that will alleviate wait times for tables that guests have been experiencing at the bustling Fenton storefront, which only has nine tables. It will stick with the same color scheme – primarily orange and black – but a bit more futuristic. “I did all the design myself for the Fenton location, but I had help from a designer this time,” she said.

Zhai chose the Des Peres location, which is nestled in a popular shopping center alongside a Trader Joe’s and Crumbl Cookies, for a few reasons. “A lot of people get takeout and have to drive far away, so we wanted more people to be able to try soup dumplings that are fresh,” she said. “People are always asking if we have another location. That spot in Des Peres is not far from where we live, and a lot of people live around there, so we think it will be a great place to do business.”

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