yue zhai and victor lai making dumplings at tiger soup dumplings photo by david kovaluk

2022 Best New Restaurants // No. 8 Tiger Soup Dumplings

Tiger Soup Dumplings really knows how to show and tell. The centerpiece of the bright, minimalist dining room sandwiched into a strip mall in Fenton is the large glass window into the kitchen, giving guests a peak into the meditative process behind the menu’s star dumplings. Staff gently scoop tiny balls of dough, roll them into flat circles and expertly cup and fold them around juicy meat fillings into their signature purse-like shape.

steamed soup dumplings at tiger soup dumplings // photo by david kovaluk

If xiao long bao (soup dumplings) are new to you, a handy guide to the perfect slurping technique is clearly illustrated on the wall. After ladling one up in your soup spoon, a gentle poke with your chopsticks to let the hot liquid soup pool around the dumpling is not just crucial for those satisfying sips before and after your bite, but for warding off potential third-degree burns.

spicy wontons at tiger soup dumplings // photo by david kovaluk

The full roster of pork, chicken, beef or shrimp and cheese dumplings can be ordered either steamed or pan fried, offering an extra textural boost with a pleasant crispness in addition to the chewy dough and soft, savory interior. The best supporting nomination definitely goes to the spicy wontons; rich, slippery noodles sliding around in a spicy, oily chile sauce. A cold, crisp side of cucumber salad or golden broccoli and a sweet tiger fruit tea put the finishing touch on your order.

Tiger Soup Dumplings, 98 Gravois Bluffs Cir Dr D, Fenton