the polar bear cocktail at yellowbelly in the central west end photo by christina musgrave

Drink this multifaceted mezcal cocktail at Yellowbelly in the Central West End of St. Louis

The Polar Bear at Yellowbelly drinks smooth and sophisticated, with each ingredient getting its moment to make an impression. The star is the Derrumbes, a mezcal verde distilled in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, that anchors the drink with a vegetal flavor – think charred poblano rather than sweet smoke.

The supporting ingredients play off the mezcal: A plum sake leans dry, but adds floral juiciness to the overall profile; a dose of Lillet Blanc gives body and length to the cocktail; and lime acid and clarified orange sherbet deliver varying levels of citrus.

Finishing notes include honey, anise and herbs from Liquore Strega and a tingle of heat from a couple drops of a bird’s eye chile and MSG tincture.

4659 Lindell Blvd., St. Louis, 314.499.1509,


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