the sunny’s veggie at adriana’s on the hill photo by izaiah johnson

This week on the Sauce podcast: some of our favorite spots on the Hill, Stews Food & Liquor in Soulard and more

This week on the Sauce podcast, Meera and Michelle discuss a few spots on the Hill, including Adriana's, where the Sunny's vegetarian sandwich is a delicious salad in sandwich form. They also talk about John Viviano & Sons Grocers, which offers a wide selection of Italian staples to stock your pantry.

The duo also delves into a recent visit to Corner 17 and dishes that really stood out, like the hot and sour potatoes.

Also in the conversation is Stews Food & Liquor in Soulard, a new spot where the Asian-inspired dishes, like the pork belly skewer, are making a splash.

They also discuss a few spots in St. Louis that are devoting a section of their drink list to several versions of a single classic cocktail, allowing each iteration to be a creative homage to the original.

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