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Sauce Magazine delves into new era, takes print publication digital

Hello, fellow foodies! I am Allyson Mace, the publisher and founder of Sauce Magazine. For over two decades, my incredible team and I have been sailing the culinary seas of St. Louis, witnessing the rise of our food scene to heights we never thought possible. My father worked in newspapers, so ink runs in my blood, and holding our magazine in my hands every month has been an incredible experience, fueled by the passion and drive of our readers and the entire St. Louis culinary industry, from chefs and restaurant owners to brewers, winemakers and bartenders.

As we enter 2023, the winds of change are calling, and we hear them loud and clear. We understand the importance of keeping up with the times and providing our readers and advertisers with what they demand: immediacy and user engagement. That's why we've made the decision to take Sauce Magazine fully digital. We're excited to embrace the evolution of our brand and continue providing you with the same meaningful stories, now delivered straight to your inbox or available on our website.

allyson mace, publisher and founder of sauce magazine // photo by r.j. hartbeck

Starting April 1, we'll no longer distribute a printed copy of Sauce Magazine. Instead, you can find all our content online: on our website, our weekly Edible Weekend e-newsletter, social media, and a monthly digital edition of the magazine. We invite you to embrace this change with the same warmth and comfort of your favorite read, now reaching an even greater audience.

At Sauce Magazine, we're all about highlighting the unique dining landscape of St. Louis. We believe that you, our readers, have enjoyed the print issues of Sauce Magazine as much as we have enjoyed making them. We're excited by the opportunity to expand our storytelling capacity and provide new avenues for you to support our work. We'll continue serving you with reliable recommendations, thoughtful stories, and the latest restaurant news on our website.

We've seen a significant increase in our reader engagement and readership over the years, and we want to give you more of what you want. By going digital, we can reach even more of you and deepen our coverage of the St. Louis culinary scene. We understand that change can be hard, and we'll miss the feel of a printed copy in our hands too, but we see this as an opportunity to spread our wings and soar to new and better horizons.

We encourage you follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as keep an eye on our digital editions. You can also sign up for the Edible Weekend newsletter by sending an email to signup@saucemagazine.com with the subject line "Edible Weekend" to stay in the know on foodie events happening in the St. Louis area each weekend.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support. We couldn't do it without you. Let's continue shaping the culinary landscape of St. Louis together, one delicious bite at a time.

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