the sunny’s veggie at adriana’s on the hill photo by izaiah johnson

Eat this veggie sandwich from Adriana’s on the Hill​

The Sunny’s Veggie at Adriana’s on the Hill explodes with freshness and flavor. The sandwich blends all the elements of a well-balanced salad – soft, chunky artichoke hearts, sweet, fresh bell pepper and tomato slices, spicy onion and plenty of crisp iceberg lettuce – dialed up a notch by a dressing of pesto, oil and vinegar, and being served between two slices of fresh toasted garlic-cheese bread. Order a whole sandwich or do like the pros and get a Half and Half Special with the penne pasta. Plunge the sandwich in the pasta’s basil-rich sauce for a bite that’ll send your taste buds straight to flavor heaven.

Adriana’s on the Hill, 5101 Shaw Ave., St. Louis, 314.773.3833,