the southwest slinger at southwest diner photo by julia calleo

Why Southwest Diner is our go-to hungover brunch spot

We all know the feeling: You’ve woken up, but you aren’t really alive yet. You feel like you should eat something, but you aren’t sure whether you can, or how much. You think, “OK, I need coffee, at least. And something tasty. I’ll give it my best shot.”

When we’re in this zone, Southwest Diner is one of our greatest allies. Regardless of how much alcohol has been consumed the previous night, we’ll often make our way there in order to hunch over the holy trinity of hangover beverages: coffee, Topo Chico and a bloody mary. The order changes depending on the direness of the situation, but a build-your-own burrito with both kinds of chiles (spicy!) or a torta with pickle fries are safe bets.

 6803 Southwest Ave., St. Louis, 314.260.7244,