skirt steak sandwich at buenos aires café at city foundry stl photo by izaiah johnson

Eat this skirt steak sandwich at Buenos Aires Café at City Foundry STL

Buenos Aires Café highlights classics of Argentinian cuisine like empanadas, plantains and meaty sandwiches filled with steak or sausage. The housemade chimichurri shines here, its fresh acidity providing refreshing balance to the rich meats and fried items. We especially love it on the skirt steak sandwich, where it’s used as both a marinade for the meat and drizzled on just before serving. The pillowy bread, sourced from Pete’s Italian Baking Co. on the Hill, is a perfect vehicle for the juicy, sweet steak and herbaceous chimichurri, retaining all the flavorful liquids without turning into a soggy mess, so not a drop goes to waste.

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