Ericka Frank of The Cakery and The Cup is Ford Hotel Supply's Chef of the Month

Chef of the Month is sponsored by Ford Hotel Supply.

Position: Owner

Married? Kids? To my husband of 15 years, Kevin. He came on with the businesses last April as our chief technology officer after working as a software engineer at Boeing for almost 20 years. Our kids are two 14 year old miniature schnauzers named Juli and Ray. We love old dogs.

Where are you originally from? Memphis, Tennessee

Where did you go to school? I did my undergrad in nutrition and dietetics at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama.

photo courtesy of the cup

How did you get to where you are? A lot of prayer, support and hard work from incredible family, friends, colleagues and team members.

New things going on in your restaurant: In April, we will finally be done with the very long process of remodeling our entire space! It’s going be lovely and will help us function much more efficiently!

Favorite menu item: Oh my gosh – I still love every single menu item! If I had to choose, it would be our fully frosted chocolate chip cookie cake at The Cakery, and our December limited edition gingerbread cupcake with browned butter filling, topped with fresh whipped cream at The Cup.

Three cool facts about you:

  • I love and keep honeybees. Not just for the honey, but for the amazing creatures that they are.
  • I have loved to decorate cakes since I was 12 but never imagined it would be my career.
  • I lived above The Cakery for the first 4 ½ years – what I used to tell friends was “my ultimate dream.” The Cakery just turned 17 years old and I’m blessed to be living beyond what I even had the capacity to dream almost 20 years ago.

photo courtesy of the cakery

What is your favorite piece of equipment or kitchen item? I love mixers. Hand mixers, stand mixers, monster mixers... when we opened The Cakery, the purchase of our first 30-quart Hobart mixer (used of course) was a monumental occasion. 16 years later at The Cup, our first 60-quart mixer has been lovingly named T-Rex by the CWE team. I’m currently on the lookout for a vintage white Sunbeam stand mixer in good condition. I’m not terribly nostalgic, but I have very fond memories of my grandmother’s white Sunbeam and love the design of the mixer and the glass bowls that come with it.

Tell us about Cakery Classic. Cakery Classic is our sister wholesale and shipping business. Fans can get cake and buttercream even when they move out of the St. Louis area! We wholesale and ship direct-to-consumer pints of buttercream and shippable/transportable layer cakes. Each are sold at Fresh Thyme at the City Foundry and the buttercream frosting is sold at Straub’s markets, Kitchen Conservatory, Harvest Market in Columbia, Illinois.

The Cakery, 1420 Tamm Ave, St. Louis, MO,

The Cup, 28 Maryland Plaza Rear, St. Louis, MO, 1057 Century Dr, Edwardsville, IL,