6 new releases from st. louis breweries to try this spring photo courtesy of unsplash

6 new releases from St. Louis breweries to try this spring

We’re ready for warmer weather and the arrival of these new brews.

March 3:
Modern Brewery Oops! All Strata

Beer nerds and novices alike are well served by Modern Brewery’s Oops! series. The ongoing project uses a New England-style IPA brewed with a single, rotating varietal of hops to showcase each varietal’s unique characteristics, in this case, shining a light on the dank, strawberry, citrus and passionfruit-forward Strata hop.

March 11:
O’Fallon Brewery Sandbar Tropical Pilsner

This fresh Pilsner gets fruity notes from the use of Huell Melon hops and orange peel in the brewing process. Look for it packaged on its own or as part of O’Fallon’s warm weather friendly Play Pack multicase, which also features the brewery’s Outboard Key Lime Lager and Sun’s Out Lemon Wheat Ale.

Late March:
Old Bakery Beer Co. 7th Anniversary

A birthday is nothing without cake, so it’s wholly appropriate for Old Bakery to mark their seventh anniversary with a bourbon barrel-aged Imperial stout that tastes like German chocolate cake in a glass. Gift this limited release to the beer lover with a spring birthday who prefers a liquid celebration to blowing out candles.

Ferguson Brewing Co. Peach Wheat Ale

Can’t wait until May for peak seasonality to get your peach fix? Check out this sweet and light wheat ale, which uses peach puree added during fermentation for maximum fruit flavor.

April 15:
Earthbound Beer Blood Dream Braggot

Earthbound’s braggot series showcases other ways honey can be used in fermented beverages besides mead. This latest installment uses wildflower honey brewed with Thai basil, lemon zest, hibiscus flowers and strawberries for a slightly higher octane brew (6.5% ABV) than your typical spring/summer patio crusher.

Old Herald Brewing Raspberry Gose

Salty, tart and a bit herbal, gose-style beers are a great option for those looking for a seasonal, fruity beer that doesn’t trend too sweet. Check out Old Herald’s raspberry gose for a local example of this pucker-inducing brew.