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Lefty’s Bagels is slated to open in the Bakers Hub in Chesterfield this spring

You can soon get New York-style bagels a lot closer to home. Co-owners and brothers-in-law Doug Goldenberg and Scott Lefton are planning to open Lefty’s Bagels (short for Lefton) in the Bakers Hub at 67 Forum Shopping Center in Chesterfield later this month. 

“Scott has been tinkering with bagels at home for the last couple of years, giving them to friends and family, and everyone expressed how good they are,” said Goldenberg. “I have some catering experience and business know-how, so I helped him launch it.”

Lefty’s will offer their take on the classic New York-style bagel with four primary options: plain, poppyseed, sesame and everything. Goldenberg said the main difference between a New York-style bagel and others is that they are boiled for one minute before going in the oven. “That gives the nice, crunchy crust with the soft, gooey, chewy middle,” Goldenberg said. 

With few locally owned bagel shops in St. Louis, they saw a real market, especially where The Bakers Hub is located. Eventually, Goldenberg and Lefton hope to expand to include a variety of other flavors, like cinnamon-raisin and blueberry. For now, they’re hoping to master the basics and expand as demand dictates.

“We’re supporting local,” Goldenberg said. “All the bakers who are in [The Bakers Hub] are St. Louis bakers targeting the St. Louis market. We’re just really excited.”

Lefty’s Bagels is currently taking pre-orders via phone at 314.324.2202 and email at, and once open, will have bagels available for inside and curbside pickup on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Bakers Hub, a co-op baking facility that houses several other bakeries all offering a variety of options, has some patio seating for those wishing to eat on-site.