carnivore​ on the hill has two uvc air units from klance unlimited photo by lauren healey

Klance Unlimited offers wide range of Covid-mitigating products

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As with many businesses in 2020, when the coronavirus came calling, Klance Unlimited had to swiftly pivot. The events production company now offers an array of Covid-mitigating products, many of which are perfect for a food-service setting.

“When the pandemic hit, our industry was severely affected and we couldn’t do live events,” said Kyle Vogt, vice president of Klance Unlimited. “So about two months in, we partnered with another company and started working toward our goal of figuring out how to get events to happen again and doing heavy research on what steps besides wearing masks and social distancing could help us mitigate the spread and get back to live events.”

Through their research, the Klance team discovered a plethora of useful mitigating products, but three have proven most useful in the restaurant industry: UVC, long-life disinfectant and thermal readers.

UVC is a technology that has been used for many years in applications like water treatment plants and surgery centers, but is gaining traction in restaurants, convention centers and more. “UVC has the peak germicidal efficacy where most living microorganisms will die,” Vogt said. Klance offered several UVC options, including direct lighting triggered by a motion sensor that can disinfect a room in about 15 minutes, along with both large- and small-scale air units that are most useful in a restaurant setting. “The air units are in a cylinder with fans that suck in old air and disinfects it, then puts fresh air out into the room,” he explained. “Seeing is believing, and with these portable air units that could be put throughout a dining room, it’s great marketing to attract people to come back to in-person dining if they know the air is being disinfected.”

Carnivore on the Hill has installed two sizes of these air units. “We’re not sure how long Covid will be around, and we still have leery customers, so this will give them more comfort and keep them coming back in once they see the units,” said Carnivore co-owner Joe Smugala. “It’s good for business. We like that they’re portable, so they can be used in the dining room or moved to the private event space as needed.”

The System 3 long-life disinfectant is also great in a food-service setting. “It completely eradicates the coronavirus and kills its ability to reproduce,” Vogt explained. “What differentiates our product from others is that when you spray it on any surface, it bonds to the surface and stays active and continues killing germs for up to 120 days. However, high-touch surfaces like door handles likely need to be sprayed about once a month. And the best part is, the ingredients are organic and food-grade, so it can be used safely in kitchens.”

Klance also offers both tabletop and wall-mounted thermal readers to take touch-free temperatures. If anyone has a high temperature, the device alerts that person in the moment, as well as sends a notification to a designated admin.

Many of these products are covered under PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) reimbursements, so check with your lender for confirmation. For more information, visit or call 636.271.3400.