cyrano's in webster groves has installed a reme halo system photo by katherine bish courtesy of cyrano's

Affordable air purification system helps keep restaurants, homes and more safe through pandemic and beyond

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With the coronavirus circulating around us at breakneck speed and winter closing in, people are seeking solutions to remain indoors while staying as safe as possible. Luckily, there’s an air purification product that can be installed in your existing HVAC system that can reduce virus transmission at a very reasonable cost of about $750 to $1,000 per HVAC unit or system (including equipment and installation).

Billed “the new germ warfare,” the Reme Halo in-duct air purifier is capable of purifying every cubic inch of air that a central heating and cooling system can reach utilizing innovative technologies aimed at removing toxicity from the air you breathe. Not only does the purifier remove viruses and bacteria from the air and surfaces, it also reduces other problematic particulates like mold, pollen, dander, dust and odors.

“In my 25 years of experience, there have not been a lot of air purification or filtration systems that I could really get behind, but this I can recommend to you in good conscience,” said Glenn Matter, service technician for Kaemmerlen Facility Solutions, a St. Louis-based company that installs the systems. “This is one that I would actually have put in my own home.”

One of the major technologies used is photo-hydro ionization. “It creates hydro peroxides, which are similar to the hydrogen peroxide you put on a wound to clean and disinfect,” he said. “It’s not like you see this vapor; it’s just part of the humidity in the air, so anywhere the air can get, these hydro peroxides can get, and they help sanitize surfaces and the air you breathe.”

This ionization also causes micro particles in the air, such as coronavirus aerosols, to stick together so they become big enough to fall to the floor or get sucked into the Reme Halo filter. Once inside the filter, a process called photo-catalytic oxidation uses UV light to sanitize and kill harmful particles.

“This doesn’t take the place of sanitizing surfaces – it supplements the cleaning procedures already in place – but it does get to places that are often overlooked or where you can’t reach,” Matter explained.

Although this system has not yet been tested against the novel coronavirus specifically as these testing capabilities are not currently available, it has proven effective against other similar viruses and bacteria.

“This system was installed in Chicago Public Schools, and their absenteeism fell between 15% and 20% because it reduced a lot of contagions that cause the flu and colds,” he said. “It was also installed in a daycare in Washington, and their absenteeism fell over 40% – a significant impact. And a senior living center that had it installed found that they no longer had issues with contagious diseases, and all the odors commonly associated with these facilities were completely diminished.”

It takes just about an hour to install the purification system, and it only needs annual servicing and cleaning in homes and office buildings. However, Matter noted, restaurants are likely to have more buildup due to particles circulating in the air; therefore, they should have their systems serviced every six months.

The system has already been installed in Hi-Pointe Drive-In, Sugarfire Smoke House and Cyrano’s, and Matter anticipates many others will have them soon. Benedetto’s On Main in Wildwood will have their systems installed next week.

“Imagine how much safer a restaurant will be with a reduction of surface and air bacteria, viruses and mold,” Matter said. “It will make returning to inside dining a better and safer experience.”

To request an evaluation and quote of the Reme Halo system, please contact Kaemmerlen Facility Solutions at 314.535.2222, email or visit @kaemmerlen_solutions. Kaemmerlen has been servicing the St. Louis area since 1924 and can answer any questions you have about the Reme Halo system. To see a video of how the overall system works, visit