thanskgiving turkey photo by claudio schwarz for unsplash

7 Thanksgiving recipes to ensure your main course keeps your guests full and happy

The following recipes are all meant to serve as the main course, but keep an eye out for our upcoming features on sides and desserts, and even some ideas for what to do with all those leftovers.

If you're planning to go the traditional turkey route, the hot and fast roast turkey can have a bird on the table in about two hours in case you oversleep on the big day. Or you can really take it to the next level with the exciting flavor profiles of the oolong tea-smoked whole turkey with a citrus-tamarind glaze. Booze it up with the Butler’s Pantry’s charcoal-roasted turkey with bourbon-orange glaze, or keep the flavors a little more basic but the shape anything but with turkey roulade.

turkey roulade // istock

If you're not feeling up to a turkey this year but still want to serve poultry, personal roasted game hens are ideal to help prevent the spread of germs. And if you're feeding a vegetarian, a creamy fall squash pasta bake or wild mushroom lasagna (both with béchamel!) are sure to please all the veggie lovers at your table.

fall squash pasta bake // photo by jonathan gayman

With all these recipes in hand, you should be equipped to feed the fam. But if preparing a slew of dishes for the big event seems daunting, check out our list of 16 St. Louis restaurants offering Thanksgiving to go.

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