start bar photo by michelle volansky

St. Louis city issues first wave of closures due to non-compliance with reopening orders

In a press conference yesterday, Monday, July 27, St. Louis city mayor Lyda Krewson announced that the government would be shutting down businesses not in compliance with the safety measures recommended by the city. She was unable to list the businesses that would be affected, as they had yet to be notified. According to Jacob Long, the mayor’s director of communications, closing orders have now been given to four local businesses. 

Today, Tuesday, July 28, as recommended by the City of St. Louis Department of Health and issued by the sheriff Vernon Betts, the list of restaurants that must close includes Wheelhouse, StartBar, Big Daddy’s on the Landing and Marquee Restaurant and Lounge. Long confirmed that the businesses had received cease-and-desist letters based on previous complaints. 

“The goal here is not to be punitive, but to bring businesses into compliance,” Long explained, adding that the city wants to work with bars and restaurants to help them develop safe spaces in line with the city’s safety measures. “We do that through sending cease-and-desist letters, calling them up, visiting with management, walking them through what’s required of them in this new COVID-19 environment. If the health department feels that they’re still not getting compliance, the closure for 14 days is something we’re willing to do.” 

Restaurants that are forced to close will be allowed to reopen after two weeks as long as they comply with up-to-date safety guidelines.

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