sparkling coffee with lemon photo by nathan dumlao / unsplash

Make this sparkling coffee with lemon

Quarantine is supposedly a time of invention. I still haven’t written my pandemic novel, but my husband did come up with a quality, stay-at-home replacement for our beloved springtime espresso tonics. Requiring no recipe, no unusual ingredients and no effort, it’s the perfect pick-me-up for warm afternoons when you can’t leave home. 

Take about half a mug’s worth of room-temp coffee, pour over ice, top with a generously sized lemon wedge and enough sparkling water to fill your glass. Like an espresso tonic, it’s bright, earthy and refreshing all at once. Unlike an espresso tonic, it has zero sugar and doesn’t require a trip to the store or coffee shop. We can’t wait for the time when it is safe to hang out at Blueprint Coffee all day, enjoying its delightfully balanced, sweet-tart house-made tonic and espresso. Until then, we’ll be sipping on our sparkling afternoon coffees at home.

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