burnt ends from grace backyard bbq photo courtesy grace backyard bbq

Go get the burnt ends from Grace Backyard BBQ immediately

When Grace Meat + Three pivoted to a new barbecue concept with a carryout window, I was excited to see what chef-owner Rick Lewis would come up with. I was not disappointed. My first bite of the Grace Backyard BBQ burnt ends belongs in the Terrence Malick montage of meaningful moments in my life. When I tasted them, my husband asked me what was wrong. But I could not tell him. He had to find out for himself. 

The burnt ends begin with beef belly and what Lewis calls howdy rub, a riff off pastrami with lots of coriander, black pepper, garlic and some brown sugar. After the meat is smoked and chopped, it’s tossed in a glaze of balsamic vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar and brown butter. The burnt ends are super tender with a caramelized crust and an incredibly rich and complex flavor that doesn’t overdo it on the sweetness. Served on Texas toast with pickles and sliced white onion, they are perfect.

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