12 St. Louis swag ideas to support local businesses

With the coronavirus outbreak causing restaurants to have to adapt to new hours and dining options – or in some cases, close altogether – many have turned to merchandise sales for supplemental revenue. In the case of spots like Elmwood, unique items have been made available for purchase due to the pandemic. “So many people in our industry live check to check,” Elmwood co-owner Chris Kelling. “I’m just trying to save 23 people from going broke.” After shipping, all proceeds from Elmwood, Yellowbelly and many other restaurants’ merch will go directly to restaurant staff. 

In lieu of going out to eat or buying gift cards, here are some cool threads you can buy to help out your favorite neighborhood spot. Just because you’re staying home, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to look as fly as possible.

Adam Rothbarth is staff writer at Sauce Magazine.