Joanie’s Pizzeria will close in Soulard

Joanie’s Pizzeria will close in Soulard on Feb. 17, according to an announcement on Facebook. Founder Joanie Thomas will continue to operate Joanie’s To-Go at 804 Russell Blvd.

Thomas opened the restaurant 25 years ago, and Jeff Schneider took ownership of the pizzeria five years ago. 

“I can’t speak for Jeff, but it’s been a good run.  I can say that. I had it for 20 years, and he had it for five," Thomas said. "We both had a great run, and Jeff did a fabulous job." 

Thomas declined to comment on the reason for the closure. 

She said there won’t be many changes at Joanie’s To-Go. “We just do our own thing here,” she said. We’ve had the most loyal customers. And the staff – there were probably eight staff members that were still there from when I owned it.”

Schneider did not return immediate request for comment. 

Adam Rothbarth is a staff writer at Sauce Magazine. 

Editor's Note: This article originally said Joanie Thomas' last name was Smith. It was updated at 12:55 p.m. Jan. 15 to correct the error and to clarify Thomas' quote.