these are the best restaurant rubs and sauces in town. photo by julia calleo

Stock your pantry with these 6 St. Louis restaurant products

Visit a local grocery store and you’re bound to see flashy endcaps advertising a way to bring your favorite St. Louis restaurant home. But not all mass-produced products emblazoned with trusted eateries’ logos are created equal. Here are a few classic options we can get behind. 

1. Bartolino's Marinara Sauce
Many jarred tomato sauces are too sweet or bitter. Bartolino’s has a good, clean tomato flavor, strong garlic notes and nice acidity. 
$6. Available at Kenrick’s Meats & Catering,

2. Andria’s Brush-On Steak Sauce
Andria's steak sauce is a St. Louis institution. Rather than a wallop of sugar or salt, it brings a rich and complex umami to anything you throw it at. 
$6. Available at Straub’s,

3. Citizen Kane’s Steak Seasoning
With multifaceted spice and clear notes of onion and garlic, Citizen Kane’s steak seasoning is more than just salt with a different label. 
$6.50. Available at Dierbergs,

4. Zia’s Sweet Italian Oil & Vinegar Dressing
Of the many bottled dressings from The Hill, Zia's is our favorite. Its sweetness is balanced by a sharp tang of vinegar.
$4. Available at DiGregorio’s Italian Market,

5. Twisted Ranch Garlic Smashed Buffalo
One of five dressings mass-produced by Kraft for St. Louis’ Twisted Ranch restaurant, the spice and garlic of this addictive dip made it our favorite.
$2.50. Available at Walmart,

6. Sugarfire Smoke House Honey Sriracha BBQ Sauce
The unique, subtly sweet heat of this Sugarfire Smoke House barbecue sauce set it apart.
$4.50. Available at Schnucks,

Heather Hughes is managing editor at Sauce Magazine.