pool drinks should be easy, and nothing’s easier than a can. photo by izaiah johnson

Cool down with 4 canned cocktails perfect for the pool

Pool drinks should be easy, and nothing’s easier than a can. These canned cocktails offer something for everyone: a couple are sweet and bubbly to go down easy in the face of a sweltering summer afternoon, while others have a drier, more savory vibe. All are perfect for a hot day at the pool with your buds.

1. Sprezza Bianco Vero Spritz
When we popped a few of these babies in the office, everyone lost their minds. An incredible balance of dry vermouth, rich bitters, mineral water and carbonation, this spritz will be the champion of any pool party. And just think of how cool you’ll look holding one.
Four-pack: $17. Available at Parker’s Table

2. 1220 Artisan Spirits Lemonade and Lavender
This local option from the team behind 4 Hands Brewing Co. flirts with being saccharine, but stops short before it gets too sweet. It feels like drinking an ultra-floral lemonade, but with vodka. What’s not to love?
Four-pack: $13. Available at Local Harvest Grocery

3. Pinckney Bend Distillery Gin and Tonic
Local favorite Pinckney Bend successfully put the essence of its beloved, pink, hibiscus- and citrus-forward classic tonic syrup into this can, which is no small feat. This tasty G&T is perfectly carbonated and not too sharp with the flavor of alcohol.
Four-pack: $15. Available at Local Harvest Grocery

4. Tecate Michelada Diablo
You know what … who cares if you don’t think this is a cocktail? If you’re lucky enough to enjoy the flavor of micheladas – beer amped up with tomato juice, spices and chili peppers – then you’ll dig this winner from Tecate. It’s delicious. Get one.
$3. Available at Randall’s Wine & Spirits

Adam Rothbarth is a staff writer at Sauce Magazine. 

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