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5 podcasts the La Patisserie Chouquette team devours in the kitchen

The people in the kitchen at La Patisserie Chouquette are masters of macarons – and a band of armchair detectives. Owner and pastry chef Simone Faure said they frequently play a true-crime podcast while making canelés, croissants and tea cookies. Faure has even drawn up a whiteboard to try and decipher who killed Hae Min Lee, the murder at the heart of the wildly popular podcast, “Serial.” Here are their favorite podcasts to stream while baking. 

1. Serial: Season One
“We keep notes in the kitchen if we’re all listening to the same podcast, like with Serial. [Samantha’s] station is in front of the whiteboard. She’ll be there with the marker, so if someone says something we hadn’t considered about the case, then Samantha will write it on the board. We get invested and involved in it. I even donated to Adnan’s court fees on behalf of my kitchen. Every little bit helps.”

2. Undisclosed
“I found this through ‘Serial.’ In that first episode, we got introduced to Rabia Chaudry. She was his advocate because her brother is a friend of his. Undisclosed picked up where ‘Serial’ left off, but it didn’t end there because there are a lot of people who are in prison for crimes they didn’t necessarily commit. You get to learn about other people in the system, and other cases you wouldn’t have normally been exposed to.”

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3. Southern Mysteries
“It’s where I connect. I’m from the South, and I love history. It’s usually investigating a cold case that isn’t a well-known case. [Shannon Ballard] goes over how it played out in the past and into the current day. It’s really interesting because she’s talking about a lot of places in Mississippi or Louisiana, and I’ll know that place or I’ll recognize that last name.”

4. Crime Stories with Nancy Grace
“Nancy is absolutely insane. It started out as a joke because we would make fun of the things she would say … a lot of it is her going off, but because she was a prosecutor, she comes from a different angle. It’s just so fascinating to see how justice plays out or doesn’t.”

5. Stuff You Missed in History Class
“Each week, it’s a different topic. It’ll have Marie Antoinette, and they will do an outline of her life, from her parents’ birth or marriage to her everyday life, the trials and tribulations. It’s the stuff that gets missed in history class, only it’s for adults and it’s much more fun. It’s much lighter, unless you’re listening to Attila the Hun.”

Meera Nagarajan is art director at Sauce Magazine. 

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