the egg rick muffin at grace meat + three photo by izaiah johnson

Top 3 breakfast sandwiches in St. Louis

The modern breakfast sandwich hasn’t strayed far from its humble beginnings as the egg and meat “bap” sandwich popular with hungry 19th-century London factory workers. Simple though it may be, this a.m. icon can slide into the sublime when given the proper attention, as it certainly does with this trio. 

breakfast sandwich at nathaniel reid bakery // photo by izaiah johnson

1. Nathaniel Reid Bakery
You might hesitate on Nathaniel Reid Bakery’s breakfast sandwich – the menu is short on description and it’s pre-made, wrapped in paper and heated on request, fast-food style. Any misgivings will disappear once this beauty is unwrapped, revealing scrambled eggs, ham, bacon and cheese gloriously layered inside one of the bakery’s flaky, superbly laminated croissants. 

grace meat + three owner rick lewis (center) enjoys breakfast with his staff. // photo by izaiah johnson

2. Grace Meat + Three
Grace Meat + Three’s weekend brunch highlight, the Egg Rick Muffin (named after chef-owner Rick Lewis), might be an homage to the golden arches, but it certainly transcends the source material. It boasts two house-made sausage patties, a bright and sunny duck egg, white American cheese and piquant pepper jelly ensconced in a toasted English muffin dusted with cornmeal. We’re lovin’ it. 

slinger sandwich at yolklore // photo by izaiah johnson

3. Yolklore
Yolklore’s Slinger Sandwich attempts to contain the St. Louis diner classic in a hearty, house-made ciabatta bun. Good luck with that – chances are you’ll end up crushing this sandwich open-faced thanks to copious amounts of chili slathered over a house-made peppery sausage patty, fried egg and cheddar cheese. 

Matt Sorrell is a staff writer at Sauce Magazine.