5 Questions for Dave Bailey

Dave Bailey is the owner of Lafayette Square’s The Chocolate Bar, downtown’s Rooster and, opening downtown this month, Bridge.

If we combined Rooster, Chocolate Bar and Bridge, we’d have a dish with bacon, chocolate and wine. Can you imagine it?

We do have a bacon and chocolate truffle at Chocolate Bar. If you paired that with a nice smoky, peppery Syrah, that would be perfection.

Can I drink a chocolate martini and retain my machismo?

Yes. It will actually increase your virility. The hot signature chocolate martini at Chocolate Bar is made with real 72 percent cocoa, so you’re getting the real deal. If you’re afraid, we do have chocolate beer.

What is the best beverage to have with Sunday brunch?

I love Bloody Marys, but I typically drink a Bloody Maria with tequila instead. We also have one at Rooster called the Bloody Irishman with Irish whiskey instead of vodka. Don’t knock it till you try it.

Have you ever smashed an egg on your own head?

I’ve done the old crack-the-egg-on-the-forehead to entertain children before.

Do you enjoy cracking eggs to make breakfast?

I had an egg-cracking contest once with the kitchen manager I’m bringing from Rooster to Bridge. To make a batch of crêpes, you have to crack 90 eggs. We had to do a double batch one afternoon, so we had a race to see who could crack 90 eggs faster. I won at about 3:21.