Berries and Cream Toastie

Berries and Cream Toastie
berries and cream toastie photo by greg rannells

Who said an ice cream sandwich has to include cookies? For this toasty take on the summertime snack, two thick slices of brioche get hot and toasty and then slathered with a rich, dark chocolate and hazelnut spread. Tuck a few fresh berries in there and smash it all between a hearty scoop of cinnamon ice cream. Then hurry up and take a bite before it melts!


2 slices Companion brioche, toasted
Askinosie Chocolate Hazelnut Spread*
Handful fresh blackberries
1 scoop Ronnie’s Cinnamon Ice Cream


• Spread the chocolate hazelnut spread on one side of each slice of toast.

• Place both slices of toast on a plate with the chocolate sides face up. Top 1 slice with blackberries.

• Top with a heaping scoop of cinnamon ice cream. Top with the other slice.

• Serve immediately.

* Available at Winslow’s Home