Author Showcase - Dr. Robert L. Watts Jr.

August 12, midnight

Spine Bookstore & Café 3149258087

Our featured author this week is Dr. Robert L. Watts Jr., who will be speaking on his books, answering audience questions, and discussing his experience writing.
Dr. Robert Watts is fast becoming labeled “America's Best Kept Secret.” He has audiences and clients raving about his capacity for human understanding, his compassion for those seeking to implement rewarding changes and his innate desire to improve the lives of others. Dr. Watts has a Doctorate of Psychology degree in Organizational Development and is enjoying his calling as a world class motivational speaker. His 20 years of coaching experience is apparent as he works with audiences that include consultants, trainers, managers, industry leaders, and the general public.
Significantly, Dr. Watts is an ex-pro football player who teamed as linebacker with the Oakland Raiders and New Orleans Saints. He is an Award Winning Professor of Speech and Communications Studies and the Author of the acclaimed book, “People Are Never the Problem.” Equally as important, and further reason for his personal determination, lie in the fact that Dr. Watts is a Cancer Survivor. He has traveled most roads and brings you stories and inspiration to achieve!

His message is challenging and engaging and he will leave everyone in his path feeling gifted and chosen. The One Minute Manager, Ken Blanchard says, “Whenever we spend time together I go away exhilarated.”
Dr. Watts is the “Solutions through People Expert.” Personally, his single goal is to help everyone achieve that personal and/or organizational goal that is your desire.