Golden Road Beer Dinner

May 12, midnight

PW Pizza 2017 Chouteau Ave. 314-241-7799

First Course
Hamilton House Mixed Greens Salad
apricots, cranberries, honey glazed walnuts,
feta cheese, croutons & mango vinaigrette
Mango Cart ABV. 4.0%

Second Course – Half Pizza
BBQ Roast Pork Loin
bbq sauce, green peppers, red onions,
pineapple & mozzarella
Melon Cart ABV. 4.0%

Third Course – Half Pizza
Cajun Spice Shrimp
garlic oil, tomatoes, spinach & goat cheese
Wolf Pup IPA ABV. 4.5%

Fourth Course
Pineapple Cheesecake
sliced strawberries
Pineapple Cart ABV. 4.0%

4 course dinners paired with beers from select local brewers.
Includes one salad or appetizer, one half & half pizza, one dessert and
4 expertly paired beers.
Curbside pick-up Dine-in at PW Pizza or 21st Street between 4pm and 8:30pm
34.99 plus tax & tip (pick-up)
39.99 plus tax & tip (dine-in)
Order a second round of beers (4 each) for $8

Call 314-241-7799 for curbside pick-up or inside dining.