The Great Steak Debate

March 16, midnight

Hamilton's Steakhouse 3145607209

Join Executive Chef Brett Buettner to taste and explore
different cuts, grades and processes of beef side by side.
A truly unique beef battle of our beloved bovines.

Amuse Bouche
Seared Wagyu Carpaccio
cured egg yolk & truffle oil

First Course - The Cut
3oz Filet vs 3oz Sirloin
grilled vegetable chimichurri salad

New Riff Single Barrel Rye Bourbon Pairing
Chateau des Bachelards 'Comtesse de Vazeilles' Saint-Amour 2016 Wine Pairing

Second Course - The Grade
3oz Iowa Premium KC Strip vs. 3oz Choice KC Strip
polenta fries & horseradish crème fraiche

Old Forester 1910 Bourbon Pairing
G.D. Vajra Barolo 2016 Wine Pairing

Third Course - The Process
3oz Wet Aged Ribeye vs. 3oz Dry Aged Ribeye
twice baked portabella potato

Wyoming Bourbon Pairing
Titus Andronicus Meritage Napa 2018 Wine Pairing

Fourth Course - It’s Not Just What’s For Dinner
Wagyu Beef Tallow Chocolate Torte
sea salt & caramel drizzle

$139 per person, includes wine or bourbon pairing/tax & gratuity not included

Reservations at 314-241-beef (2333)