Cellar Tasting Night at 21st Street Brewers Bar

September 11, midnight

2017 Chouteau Ave. 314-241-7799

Join us on special Wednesday nights as we open the vault to taste some great hard to find beers from our cellar!
Each year we purchase a wide variety of special, barrel aged, vintage reserve beers to store in the Malt House Cellar and now your can join us as we host special flights.

September 11th 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Dogfish Head Cellar Night
Bottle – Dogfish Head Siracuse Nera
Bottle – Dogfish Head Fruit Full
Bottle – Dogfish Bitches Brew Wood-Aged

*Menu subject to change
*until we run out!

Three 4oz. tasters of a selection of cellared bottled beer and allocated draft beer for $9.99

Add the Special Pizza for an additional $9.99

*Menu subject to change

“Sometimes Beer tastes better with patience, but it can be hard to know which beers and how long to cellar beer; plus it is hard to have patience when you are ready to drink your beer now”