Afghan Kabob House Update Establishment

3500 Watson Road
St. Louis , MO 63139

P: 314-449-1110

Kebabs are rarely a bad choice, but at Afghan Kabob House, exploring beyond the eponymous kebab section is worth the extra effort. We were obsessed with the bolani, a flaky filled flatbread served with a mint dipping sauce. We tried the potato, but it’s also available with a leek filling; next time we won’t hesitate to order both. Mantu – delicate pasta dumplings stuffed with ground beef – is dressed with yogurt sauce and lentils and garnished with dried mint, which plays nicely with the richness of the beef and lentils. Aushak, a flat, half-moon shaped dumpling stuffed with a leek filling and likewise topped with lentils, is a similarly tangy, comforting dish.

Meals served:

Dinner , Lunch