Quesabirria from Takozz photo courtesy of Takozz

8 St. Louis food truck dishes you have to try this summer

Your easy ordering cheat sheet from Sauce Food Truck Friday regulars

Food truck season is well underway with the next Sauce Food Truck Friday and SLAM’s Art Hill Film Series both happening this Friday, July 12, with impressive rosters of your favorite mobile eateries. You’re sure to see plenty of familiar faces from the following list - consider this your easy ordering cheat sheet for the rest of the summer.

Aside from Clementine's and Angie Burger, all of these trucks will be at the next Sauce Food Truck Friday on July 12. View the full lineup here.

Quesabirria from Takozz
The quesabirria tacos from Takozz are a must-try. Corn tortillas are dipped in rich, meaty birria broth and toasted to crispy, melty perfection with plenty of cheese and your choice of protein - get the birria braised beef. Dressed with crisp onions, cilantro, fresh salsa, lime, and a side of consommé dip, they’re like a taco meets grilled cheese meets French dip.

Chicken Souvlaki Gyro from Go Gyro Go
The chicken is super tender from a day-long marinade, grilled to perfection and stuffed into a warm pita along with tomato, cucumbers, red onion, a tangy house-made tzatziki and salty Greek feta. We add pickled banana peppers for a crunchy, spicy finish. There’s a lot wrapped inside this hand-held meal, but every bite is harmonious.

Thai Collins cocktail from Narwhal's Crafted
This brilliantly blue frozen cocktail has been one of the signature drinks at Narwhal’s Crafted since the very beginning, and for good reason. Citrusy and light with gin, curacao, lemon, coriander simple syrup and lemongrass, the Thai Collins is like a grown-up take on a boozy lemonade, and it goes down just as smoothly. The mild sweetness and balanced botanicals will charm even the most gin-skeptical drinker. Topped with a lemon slice, it’s the epitome of easy drinking.

Cajun Crab Cakes from Cajun Seduction
Husband-and-wife duo Ken and Anastasia Ligé's family roots and recipes trace back to Baton Rouge and while their gumbo packs a punch, we keep coming back for the Cajun Seduction crab cakes. Made with juicy, generous hunks of jumbo lump crab meat crisped to perfection and drizzled with remoulade sauce, we can never order just one.

Coconut Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream from Clementine's Ice Cream
Clementine's Naughty & Nice Ice Cream is one of the only St. Louis establishments where the entire Sauce team orders the same thing. Variety be damned – no one wants to miss the Coconut Chocolate Fudge ice cream. A subtle undertone of creamy coconut is the only hint that this sumptuous, velvety dessert is somehow vegan. Otherwise, it’s all taste bud-coating midnight-dark chocolate with just enough sweetness to dispel any lingering bitterness.

Brisket Mac from Farmtruk
Farmtruk’s Brisket Mac combines the best of a backyard barbecue in one paper basket. Fat rigatoni noodles are drowned in cheddar cheese sauce, a generous handful of braised brisket and a drizzle of sweet chipotle barbecue. It’s all finished with a sprinkle of crushed Red Hot Riplets and fresh slivers of green onion. Best paired with sunglasses and a lawn chair on a warm day.

The Angie Burger from Angie Burger
You can build-your-own burger with a plethora of toppings at this beloved burger outpost, but the star is the eponymous Angie Burger. Featuring a mixed patty of beef, bacon, beer, cheese and seasonings, it won Budweiser’s 2015 “Bud and Burgers” national competition.

BBQ Pulled Pork Nachos from Pappy’s Rollin’ Smoke
The food truck spin-off of St. Louis’ iconic Pappy’s Smokehouse serves some fun twists on our familiar favorites. Barbecue pulled pork is piled high atop a basket of sturdy, tricolor corn tortilla chips, a ladle of baked beans, and a generous pour of molten nacho cheese sauce.