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Clementine’s Ice Cream adds 4 flavors inspired by 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis

Each flavor crafted for National Ice Cream Month has roots in a food enjoyed by fairgoers

If there’s one thing St. Louisans love to do, it’s to shout about ourselves. Gooey butter cake is the best dessert. Our food culture is the most unique. Our history has serious depth. Did you know, for example, that St. Louis hosted the World’s Fair in 1904? 

Probably you knew that. But if you didn’t, this is the perfect month to dig deeper into the topic because you can do so while eating some delicious ice cream: Clementine’s Naughty & Nice Ice Cream will be releasing a bevy of new flavors modeled after that World’s Fair.

The new flavors celebrate both National Ice Cream Month — July — and the Missouri History Museum’s new 1904 World’s Fair exhibit. The creations include Banana Split, Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis, Vegan Waffle Cone-a-Copia, and Fairy Floss. Each has a historic backstory. 


meet me in st. louis, louis, one of the new world's fair-inspired flavors // photo courtesy of clementine's ice cream


Banana Split — a medley of cherry, milk chocolate and banana — is a nod to its namesake dessert being invented in 1904, Clementine’s said in a press release. Meet Me in St. Louis, a sweet corn base set off by crunch cornflakes, draws inspiration from the Missouri Corn Palace at the World’s Fair. The Cone-a-Copia flavor, a vegan caramel coconut ice cream with dark chocolate bark, features waffle cones, which the company says were invented for the World’s Fair.

Finally, Fairy Floss, aka cotton candy, was invented at the World’s Fair. 

“The 1904 World’s Fair is deeply ingrained in St. Louis’ culture,” said owner Tamara Keefe in a statement. “I wanted to honor the city that Clementine’s originated in by incorporating one of the world’s greatest historical events into a month, and day, that means so much to our brand. There was so much innovation that came out of the World’s Fair, from the invention of cotton candy, or 'fairy floss,' to the year banana splits became an iconic American dessert.”

The flavors are available online now or at the creamery’s eight locations on Sunday, July 21, which is National Ice Cream Day.

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