indo chef-owner nick bognar photo courtesy of indo

Cannabis-infused dinners are changing the culinary landscape in St. Louis

With the legalization of recreational marijuana in Missouri, the prevalence of edible cannabis is growing rapidly. Now, thanks to Missouri’s pioneering dispensaries and chefs around town, edibles are no longer relegated to candies and sodas, with infused dishes and full meals increasingly available. 

A few months ago, local dispensary Swade Cannabis launched Best Buds, a series of infused dinners held in collaboration with some of St. Louis’ favorite local restaurants and chefs. The infusions are created via a new product called “Stiribles,” an unflavored, water-soluble THC powder from the High Five Edibles brand manufactured by Teal Labs. 

Most of these dinners have already taken place, and the final in the initial series – acclaimed chef Nick Bognar’s dinner at Indo on July 16 – sold out the first day tickets were on sale; however, it’s clearly a step in the right direction in an ever-evolving trend sweeping over the St. Louis culinary scene, particularly as people look for alcohol alternatives.


photo courtesy of swade cannabis


Bognar said getting on board with the trend was a no-brainer for him and his team. “To me, it’s very exciting for dining in general,” he said. “There’s a huge and growing group of people who don’t drink at all, including a lot of us at the restaurant, so this adds an extra layer of inclusion and allows them to enjoy a fun social interaction that’s not centered around drinking.”

At Bognar’s dinner, he plans to infuse two sauces: nikiri, a slow-cooked soy glaze; and a mango sweet chile sauce. Accompanying various dishes, each sauce will include 5 milligrams of THC per serving, allowing guests a choose-your-own-adventure of sorts in regards to just how high they’ll get. There will be plenty of non-infused food and drink options as well, so no one needs to go beyond their THC limits. Bognar noted that current laws state that no alcohol can be served in tandem with cannabis-infused food and drink, further ensuring intoxication doesn’t get out of hand.

“I really like the idea of something that’s low consequence, especially since it’s on a Tuesday night,” he said. “Everyone can have a great time, get to bed early and go to work the next day and not be hungover at all. I’m really excited for the dinner and would love to make it a regular thing.” 

While no specific plans have been announced for future Best Buds dinners, we’ve received confirmation that the team at Swade Cannabis is planning to continue the cannabis dining trend in some way, and Sauce intends to be at the forefront of this coverage, so keep an eye on our website and social media for updates.

In addition to the Best Buds series, The Chartreuse Dinner Club has been leading the charge in cannabis-infused fine dining in a more private setting in chef Aliya Waldman’s home in downtown St. Louis. Bookings for her dinners can be made via DM on Instagram or by email.