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Good Day Farm’s THCV gummies don't give you the munchies

As cannabis becomes increasingly commonplace in Missouri, and the companies peddling it work hard to set themselves apart from the pack, a growing number of more obscure cannabinoids are popping up in their products. When I saw Good Day Farm's High Dose Daydream THCV-infused gummies at Codes Dispensary marketed as a sativa-like product — my personal preference when it comes to weed — my interest was piqued. Spoiler: I didn't find them to be too reminiscent of sativa-forward products; however, the THCV gave the gummies something unique.

THCV, or tetrahydrocannabivarin, is one of the "the major components isolated from cannabis sativa," along with CBD and THC, and has "unique properties that set it apart from the more common cannabinoids," according to the National Library of Medicine. THCV can reportedly both decrease appetite and increase satiety, as well as boost metabolism, leading Healthline to note that THCV has been called "diet weed" and "weederall." Stay tuned to see how that played out with my incessant weed-induced munchies.

The whole bag cost me $64 and contained 10 gummies that each had 20 milligrams THC and 5 milligrams THCV. The product description states that "each multi-dose gummy is scored into four parts," which was not the case. It's fine: I can estimate where to cut, but I do prefer a product to come as advertised.

I tried them for the first time on a Friday evening, taking roughly a quarter-gummy, for 5 milligrams THC and 2.5 milligrams THCV. They were imbued with citrusy notes as described, and the texture was soft, chewy and melted fairly well in my mouth, but the chemical solvent flavor lingered a bit — not unheard of for gummies made with extracted THC rather than rosin.

It was about an hour before I began to feel the gummy take hold, and from there, the high crept on and escalated a bit over the next couple hours, rather than a hard hit right out of the gate. I never did get those cheery cheer-squad vibes I was expecting for a sativa-adjacent product. However, my typical urge to eat all of the things remarkably didn't make an appearance (hallelujah!), and I did sleep pretty well, so that was nice.

I decided to try the gummies again during a trip to the Tower Grove Farmers' Market with a friend whom I always get the giggles with, stoned or not, thinking it might lead to a more sativa-like experience. Alas, no hilarity ensued, which is completely unheard of for us. But I again did not have the munchies, which have been the bane of my pothead existence.

At first, I was disappointed these weren't giving me the typical euphoria and happy-go-lucky vibe I've come to love about cannabis, but I sensed THCV could be otherwise useful. Perhaps these gummies would be best in the comfort of my home with a new mindset, rather than for a social outing.

I decided to forgo my loosely self-imposed guideline of no weed during the week and try them again with the intention of chilling and not eating the entire contents of my pantry, as I often do when high. This was the sweet spot. Indeed, I was able to zen out at home without the urge to eat everything in sight. I was also fairly productive for being high, which made me feel a little better about their categorization as a sativa gummy, though I still never got that initial rush of elation I've come to expect.

If you're looking for edibles that will allow you to relax peacefully while also not giving you insane munchies, these would be a great fit. The lack of energetic euphoria means they are not my top choice for a social event, but they're perfect in the comfort of your home or perhaps at a foodie event where you want to be a little stoned without going overboard on snacks. 

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