Levels Nigerian Cuisine takes African food to the next level in downtown St. Louis

At Levels Nigerian Cuisine, the food is unabashedly bold. 

Central to both Nigerian cuisine and the menu is Jollof rice: richly spiced and simmered in a tomato sauce and scotch bonnet peppers, it delivers smoky punch and fruity heat with each bite. Jollof is available as a side, or as an entree in the Party Jollof rice plate, served with your choice of beef, chicken or signature goat meat and dodo (fried plantains) – their starchy sweetness is the perfect foil. 

The efo riro, a vegetable stew made with spinach and beef (though a vegetarian option is also available), is served with pounded yams, or fufu. The texture of the fufu was fantastic – silky and bouncy. Its neutral flavor balanced the stew and gave it some heft for a satisfying dish.

1405 Washington Ave., St. Louis, 314.571.9990, levelsstl.com