cyrano's apple cavalier recipe photo by carmen troesser

10 apple recipes to make this fall

You’re feeling like a proud pilgrim with that bag of shiny apples you picked at the orchard (or out of that giant bin at the grocery store), but now what? Push that heap beyond the pies and ciders of autumns past and into exciting new territory. 

1. Cyrano’s Apple Cavalier
Courtesy of Cyrano’s Carolyn Downs, this sweet take on a classic apple pie adds sweetness and color with strawberries and crisp with an irresistible streusel topping.

2. Apple Cider Éclairs
If you’ve never made éclairs, this is a good place to start. They have three components, but each is relatively simple to put together. The shells are light with a slight chew, and the cream filling is soft, fluffy and melts in your mouth. A simple caramel glaze adds an extra sweet kick.

vegetarian reuben sandwich // photo by carmen troesser

3. Vegetarian Reuben Sandwich
This quirky take on a Reuben appeals to those with a sweet tooth with soft, broiled apple and nutty Gruyere cheese.

4. Granny Smith Apple and Daikon Kimchi
This recipe, courtesy of St. Louis chef Chris Bork, scraps the cabbage in favor of tart Granny Smith apple and daikon radish, a root vegetable that lends itself well to pickling.

araka's white sangria // photo by greg rannells

5. Araka's White Sangria
True heads remember the beloved sangria from long-shuttered Clayton hotspot Araka. This sweet, refreshing sipper is perfect for fall gatherings.

6. Apple Cider Martini
For another autumnal twist on a classic, try this martini with apple cider, Korbel Brandy and Captain Morgan.

pulled korean bbq pork apples // photo by carmen troesser

7. Pulled Korean BBQ Pork Apples
This sweet-savory dish pairs bulgogi-glazed pork with roasted, hollowed-out apples and gets topped with decadent goat cheese and roasted pistachios.

8. Apple Crisp-Stuffed Apples
This apples-on-apples dessert is sure to wow at any dinner party. Whatever you do, don’t skip the cinnamon ice cream, which really takes these beauties over the top. 

apple fritters with lemon curd photo by carmen troesser

9. Kelly English's Apple Fritters with Lemon Curd
Memphis celebrity chef Kelly English shared with us this simple recipe for snackable apple fritters.

10. The Shaved Duck's Baked Apple
You know what they say about an apple a day. But The Shaved Duck’s baked apple? We’ll take two, please. Chef Kat Kobylarek’s savory version of this autumn staple marries the apple’s sweetness with smoky pulled pork, and then ups the ante with bacon; pistachio butter adds crunch and depth of flavor. 

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